Why Tuff Mounts


The key to the success of TUFF MOUNTS is simple – they hold the engine captive in it’s correct location, and thanks to their heavy-duty design, reduce drivetrain movement under hard acceleration, deceleration and cornering.

The result? You effectively and more efficiently transmit more power to the ground, and reduce drivetrain wear on some components.When compared to OEM-style rubber mounts, TUFF MOUNTS will assist with better and more accurate hard acceleration launches in drag racing and Auto-Cross environments. They have also proved their worth in competitive burnouts, where the sheer horsepower, torque and prolonged periods of high-RPM tear rubber mounts to shreds.

Tuff Mounts have created a part that is a perfect balance of stiffness without the vibration issues, and one that will NOT fail.

Tuff Mounts also put back into the sport as much as possible. We continually attend the biggest motoring events and trade shows in Australia, including Summernats and MotorEx. We also try to put as many international events on our calendar as possible, including Drag Week USA and SEMA.


TUFF MOUNTS are stiffer than your Standard rubber engine mounts, meaning there will be added NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). This is important to mention as we want TUFF MOUNT customers to expect some new noises coming from their dash/interior and maybe even some new rattles – it’s the sound of complete confidence that your fire-breathing engine is solidly connected to your chassis TUFF MOUNTS give performance on par with that of an engine plate or solid mounts, with the added benefit of some dampening through our specially-engineered, heavy-duty specifically made for purpose Poly Urethane Bushes.


OEM rubber mounts can be tricky to remove and replace, and in their design are prone to weakness and failure, especially in mildly-modified applications. You don’t need to engage in motorsport activities to find the limits of your factory rubber engine mounts – power increases of even 10% from the original vehicle performance can rapidly accelerate the wear of your engine and transmission mounts!

TUFF MOUNTS have been tested in the harshest motorsport conditions and have proved unbreakable, but should anything occur they’re covered under our unique warranty. For you, that means that once they’re in you won’t have to worry about ever replacing them again. That said, TUFF MOUNTS use a through-bolt system to keep the engine captive and easy to remove if required.

Removing the engine is only a matter of removing this bolt and separating the two halves, leaving the lower half of the mount attached to the engine cross member. This guarantees perfect drivetrain alignment every time you reinstall the engine – just another small detail we’ve included to make the product easier to use for our fellow enthusiasts.

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